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2021 GMA International Residency Exhibition Order Beyond Distortion 2021 November 10 to November 14 Gwangju Museum of Art Outdoor Exhibion Space
Order Beyond Distortion: 뒤틀림 너머의 질서
  • ·Period

    2021.11.10 ~ 2021.11.14

  • ·Venue

    Gwangju Museum of Art Outdoor Exhibition Space

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  • ·Sponsorship

    Gwangju Museum of Art

  • ·Artist

    Hyeong-suk Kim, Chang-hwan Moon, Eun-seok Shim, Jo-heum Lee

Number of Works

4 pieces


Gwangju Museum of Art established the International Residency Studio in 2017, intending to support and encourage local artists’ art practice and intercultural exchange with foreign art organisations. In the studio, local and foreign artists interact and build international networks through various supporting programmes. In 2021, however, the COVID-19 prevented the museum from running the programme as it used to, which resulted only four local artists participate in the residency without any foreign participants and immersed them in their practice to endure the pandemic. Alternative to an open-studio event that requires audiences to visit the studio, the 2021 GMA International Residency Exhibition shows the works of the artists-in-residency in an open space as their expanded studios.


The 2021 GMA International Residency Exhibition Order Beyond Distortion was inspired by the last book of Friedrich Nietzsche(1844-1900), Ecce Homo(1908). This book is Nietzsche’s confession consisted of reinterpretation and reflection of his life, achievements, and philosophy. The participants in this exhibition, Hyeong-suk Kim, Chang-hwan Moon, Eun-seok Shim, Jo-heum Lee, faced emotional challenges and isolation caused by unfamiliar forms of their daily life distorted by the pandemic. As Nietzsche self-examined by apprehending 'how he becomes what one is(Wie man wird, was man ist.)' regardless of the disorder of his mentality, the artists aim to defy the distortion through introspection and artistic reinterpretation of their performance.

The artists in this exhibition explore themselves to find inner order of their own. Hyeong-suk Kim reconstructs her memories by creating time and dimension with geometric motifs. Chang-hwan Moon tries to establish his inner order by integrating diverse technologies and altering the ways of his practice. Eun-Seok Shim's work dissolves the boundaries between reality and fantasy by creating heterogeneous creatures, which represents distortion. Jo-heum Lee presents the duplicity of his identities as a creator and a product of visual culture by transiting his figure to graphics. The four artists attempt to revise and move beyond existing notions and frames with creative perspectives as Nietzsche sought. Simultaneously, they visualise their experience of the residency in the pandemic era as confronting changes and difficulties that shape their memories reflected on the displays. I hope this exhibition guides us to inner order and composure of our own which prevails over the current difficulties through self-examination, exploration, and reinterpretation.