Current exhibition

The 21th Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition “One day, Some Story”
The 21th Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition “One day, Some Story”
  • ·Period

    2021.07.24 ~ 2021.11.28

  • ·Venue

    Ha Jung-woong Museum of Art 1F, 2F

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  • ·Sponsorship

    Gwangju Museum of Art

Number of Works

26 Pieces


An exhibition that has been annually held to introduce up-and-coming artists representing each region since 2001 in honor of the spirit of honorary director Ha Jung-woong and his will to discover and foster young artists.


The Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Invitational Exhibition has been held annually in honor of Ha Jung-woong’s spirit of mécénat (patronage of the arts) and his resolve to discover and foster young artists and for institutional operations as a new breakthrough in reforming the Gwangju Museum of Art. This year sees the 21st anniversary of its kind. The criteria used to select artists for the 21st Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Invitational Exhibition—Light 2020 includes artists in their 30s and 40s (under 45) who are very active and whose artistic achievements are prominently creative and ingenious. Dividing the whole country into the regional areas of Gwangju, Jeonnam; Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon; Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, Jeju, Daejeon; and Gyeongsang, Daegu, Busan, the exhibition received recommendations from the Suwon Museum of Art, the Busan Museum of Art, the Daegu Art Museum, not to mention the Gwangju Museum of Art.
A seminar was held with recommendation committee members to secure specialty and fairness and to help understand the art and activities of the artists recommended by each museum. The recommendation committee members presented detailed introductions and descriptions of three or four recommended artists at the seminar held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum has finally selected four artists in consideration of their work’s peculiarities and genres, sharing materials pertaining to each artist. The artists that were finally chosen are Moon So-hyun, Jeong Jeong-ha, Lee Yun-hee, and Moon Ji-young.

The participating artists convey their own narratives in different genres. They leave behind their records to be remembered. These narratives are not grand discourses but introspection by those artists themselves in daily life. This is microscopic contents consisting of the hidden side of society they felt in their surroundings. Their works capturing their personal narratives are fragmented and undersized, but secure social meanings to oppose and resist a fixed society and grasp social identity. These works are special and have a universal sympathy enabling us to look into our lives. These ingenious, distinctive works will serve as an opportunity for viewers to share the aesthetic consciousness of the times through the window the artists see the world through.