Ha Jung-woog Museum of Art

  • · Weekdays, weekends, holidays: 10:00~18:00 (Last Wednesday of each month: 10:00~20:00)
  • · Closed: Every Monday, January 1st, Korean Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year’s Day.
Exhibition Guide (Docent)
  • · Once daily at 3pm
  • · Groups of 10 to 30 people should please make a reservation at least one week in advance. ※ Call 062-613-5390 with any questions.
Current Exhibition
  • Exhibition title, exhibition date
Exhibition Hall Guidelines
하정웅 미술관 전시실 1층
  • 1Exhibition Hall 01
  • 2Exhibition Hall 03
  • 3Exhibition Hall 02
  • 4Cafeteria
  • 5Lobby
하정웅 미술관 전시실 2층
  • 1Exhibition Hall 04
  • 2Exhibition Hall 05
  • 3project office
  • 4Honorary Director's Office

· Admission fees : Free until further notice ※ Select special exhibitions may be subject to separate fees.


Address: 165, Sangmu-daero, Seo-gu, Gwangju (Nongseong-dong) Tel: 062-613-5392~5394

Public Transportation
· Get off at Nongseong 1-dong Resident Center Cheomdan30 Songam31 Jiwon56 Daechon69 Imgok89
· Get off at Hwajeong Jungheung Park Suwan12 Jiwon25 Kumho36 Bongseon37 Munheung39 Songam68 Songam68 1187 Hwasun200 Hwasun216 Hwasun217 Hwasun217-1 Hwasun218 Hwasun218-1 Hwasun318 Hwasun318-1
· Get off at the Nongseong station (5-10 minutes’ walk)
· From Gwangju Station: 27 minutes.
· From U-square Bus Terminal: 4 minutes
· From Gwangju Airport: 25 minutes
· From downtown Choongjang-ro: 15 minutes
  • Parking fees: 1 hour free parking
Before you visit
Additional information
· Last admission 30 minutes before closing. We kindly ask for your understanding so that visitors can have sufficient time to enjoy the exhibition.
· All phones should be set to silent mode.
· Please finish all food and drink before entering.
Group tour
· Groups of more than 100 people should please contact us in advance
· For a guided group tour, please call and make a reservation
Call 062-613-5390with any questions.