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상단 네비게이션

Children's Museum

Children's Museum with 「Utilization of complex art space that focuses on experiential learning and games

The Children's Museum at the Gwangju Museum of Art, the first exclusive art space for children among national and public art museums, was founded in 2007 as a space for exhibition and experiential learning. From the latter half of 2016, the Children's Gallery will be restructured and operated as a space that focuses on experiential and complex games and education that utilize various contents, seeking to become a space for education, games, and experiences by enabling children to have direct experiential activities. By operating 4 specialized spaces, it acquires diversity as a space for children's art play. Equipped with expanded experiential contents for various age groups from kids to elementary students, it is a complex art space that can satisfy all group, individual, and family visitors.

  • Location: Inside the Museum, Culture Center, and 1st floor of the office building
  • Admission hours: 10AM ~ 6PM (closed every Monday)
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Details: Complex art space that focuses on experiential learning and games in order to trigger children's interests through artistic expressions and various emotional physical activities in the space for art and play
Indoor spaces
  • Space 1: Colorful art garden (children's art experience space)
  • Space 2: Boisterous playground (children's playground)
  • Space 3: Fantastic travel room (children's theater)
  • Space 4: Idea-adding room (children's reading room)