• Department of Administration Support
  • Curatorial Department
  • Department of Education & Residency
  • Facility Management Division
  • Branches
Office of the Director
  • Tel. 062)613-7101
Department of Administration Support / Tel. 062)613-7115
  • Planning, adjustment, and review of important projects as well as coordinating work between other offices and divisions
  • Human affairs, welfare, management of certification, security, and document-related issues
  • Budget organization, budget execution, book closing, and other accounting tasks
  • Operation of the museum advisory committee
  • Management of exhibition hall in the main building (human resources, ticket production, sales, etc.)
  • Renting out the main auditorium, outdoor concert stage, and Biennale Hall
Curatorial Department / Tel. 062)613-7145
  • Issues concerning planned exhibitions in the museum’s main building and related events
  • Issues concerning planned exhibitions and events abroad
  • Research and investigation on the local art history
  • Issues concerning the operation of the children’s Museum
  • Lighting-related duties for exhibitions in the main building
  • Maintenance of exhibition-related equipment belonging to the museum
  • Issues concerning the operation of the Young Artist Support Center
  • Issues concerning the procurement, donation, leasing, and valuation of the museum’s collection
  • Issues concerning the maintenance of the museum storage
Department of Education & Residency / Tel. 062)613-7155
  • Issues concerning the museum’s education projects (operation of cultural school)
  • Operation of residency studios in Korea and abroad
  • Documentation of Museum's information and promotion (website management)
  • Issues concerning exchange programs in Korea and abroad
  • Design cultural products and hosting of cultural events
  • Operation and maintenance of the art library
  • Issues concerning the operation of museum internship
  • Publication of the museum’s annual report, source books, and news magazine
Facility Management Division / Tel. 062)613-7126
  • Issues concerning maintenance work and repair work on facilities such as exhibition halls and art museum
  • Maintenance of facilities of convenience and other facilities
  • Maintenance of green zone, forest land and protection of trees in the Jungoe Park district and Sangrok Green Park
  • Landscape design planning of the Jungoe Park district and its supervision
  • Maintenance and preservation of 3-dimensional artwork and sculpture in the Jungoe Park district and other park facilities
  • Permitting private use of land in the Jungoe Park district and crackdown on illegal building structures
  • Beautification and cleaning of Jungoe Park district (including the amusement park)
Branches / Tel. 062)613-7134
  • Management of exhibition halls and exhibition business of the Ha Jungwoog Museum of Art
  • Management of exhibition halls such as renting of the Gwangju Museum of Photography
  • Issues concerning the maintenance of public order in Sangrok Green Park and security measures
  • Management of exhibition halls such as renting of the G&J Gwangju Jeonnam Gallery